How do people find this web site?

Below is a list of the top twenty search terms people used to find this web site (results from the month of June 2009):

Search term# of hitsPercent
berkeley high reunion 1959176.6 %
berkeley high school class of 1981124.6 %
berkeley high school class of 197993.5 %
berkeley high alumni93.5 %
berkeley high reunion class of 197972.7 %
berkeley high school reunion class of 7951.9 %
www.rounkle/1959bhs41.5 %
berkeley high facebook class 198741.5 %
berkeley high school alumni41.5 %
berkeley high reunion41.5 %
berkeley high school class of 195941.5 %
berkley high school class of 198731.1 %
rounkle 1959 bhs31.1 %
berkeley high class reunion of 198931.1 %
berkeley alumni 199131.1 %
berkeley high school reunion 197931.1 %
berkeley high school class of 7931.1 %
berkeley hs 1959 reunion20.7 %
berkeley high yearbook 199220.7 %
berkley high school class of 1989 reunion20.7 %

Just a bit of trivia you may find interesting.

Search engines people used

Search term# of hitsPercent
Google23081.8 %
Yahoo!289.9 %
Google (Images)113.9 %
AOL62.1 %
Windows Live41.4 %

OK, I’ll stop. But just two more:

Computers people are using:

IconComputer type# of hitsPercent
Windows16,88379.6 %
Macintosh3,36815.8 %
Unknown7383.4 %
Linux2050.9 %

Web Browsers used

IconBrowser# of hitsPercent
MS Internet Explorer12,34258.2 %
Firefox4,55221.4 %
Safari2,90113.6 %
Mozilla6192.9 %
Opera4322 %
Netscape1870.8 %
Unknown1550.7 %

If you’re wondering where all this information comes from, there’s a whole “invisible” side of web browsing. When you click on a link, your web browser not only asks the hosting computer for the web page, but also tells it what computer and web browser you are using; this information is often used to adjust the content of the web page to make it display best on your machine. Also, when you click on a link from a search engine, that search engine tells the web site computer which term you used to find them.

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