2nd annual Berkeley HS “Late ’70′s” Picnic: August 29, 2010

Updated August 21st, 2010.

We reserved Padre Picnic area (on South Park Drive) in Tilden for Sunday, August 29th, 2010. Padre has ten large picnic tables with seating for about 100, a huge BBQ grill, running water and bathrooms, and a huge grass field.


Everyone who attended Berkeley High in the late ’70’s is invited. Anyone who isn’t in this group but wants to attend is also welcome (perhaps you attended Berkeley schools earlier, but moved for high school, or you graduated in ’74 but have friends who are attending–we figure if you want to come we would like you to attend). Any of our teachers are especially welcome, and you don’t even need to bring any food!

  • Start time is noon; we’ll run “officially” until 5:00 (although last year many people stayed much later).
  • Group photo is at 3:00, after which we’ll break down into graduation years for people to take smaller group photos. All this should take 15-30 minutes.
  • A contribution of $10 is requested, although no one will be turned away for lack of funds. If you with to make a $25 or larger tax deductible donation, bring a check made out to the Berkeley High School Development Group (BHSDG). The basic contribution helps us to pay for the park reservation fee and other incidentals, but we also want to offer an opportunity for people to make donations to BHS.
  • At the registration table, we’ll have name tags that includes “Class of____” to help us identify people from our class. We’ll also collect your contact information in case your class’ reunion committee wants access to this information.
  • We’ll have hot coals and ice, as well as a some paper plates, utensils and drinks (please save these for people coming from a distances–if you’re local please bring your own).
  • People are welcome to either pot-luck or bring their own food. The picnic area has a couple of tables without benches for spreading out food to share–last year these tables were full with plenty of wonderful foods.
  • The picnic area has seating for about 100 people, and last year we had over 200 people, so bring extra seating if you can. Many people just got comfortable on the grass–although for some of us this is getting more difficult :-).
  • Sun shades may also be helpful if you are sensitive to the sun or heat. Bring one if you have one.
  • Cell phone coverage in the park is spotty. Most folks last year found they did not get coverage at the picnic site.
  • If you are musically inclined, bring your instrument. Last year we had a great “jam” in the later afternoon.
  • Feel free to bring sporting equipment or other toys/games. The weather can be quite hot, or foggy and cold.
  • If you’d like to take public transit, the AC Transit route 67 goes to the Brazil Building, the closet to Padre Picnic area. You can catch the 67 at Downtown Berkeley BART, leaving about every 50 minutes. Find the schedule here (make sure it’s showing Sundays).
    • It’s about 3/4 of a mile hike from the Brazil Building to the picnic area (see map below). We’ll try to have someone with a car at the bus stop when it arrives (all buses between noon and 3:00), but if you know you are coming, please call Lee Trampleasure at 510-495-7035 before Sunday (remember, cell phone coverage at the picnic area is not very good).
  • Driving directions (see map below):
    • Coming from Oakland or south, take Claremont Blvd up to Grizzly Peak Blvd. Turn left and drive to South Park drive (will be your second right turn). Drive about 1 mile down South Park to Padre Picnic area. (If you are already on highway 24, you may want to go through the Caldecott Tunnel, exit at the first exit, and follow the directions below.)
    • Coming from Highway 24 and the east, take the Fish Ranch Road exit, and climb Fish Ranch Road to Grizzly Peak Blvd. Turn right onto Grizzly, then drive to South Park drive (will be your second right turn). Drive about 1 mile down South Park to Padre Picnic area.
    • Coming from Berkeley or the north, you can either:
      • Drive up Centennial (behind UC Memorial Stadium) and cross Grizzly Peak Blvd at the top. Continue past the golf course, and turn right on Shasta Road. At the bottom of Shasta, veer right onto Wildcat Canyon Rd, then turn right onto South Park Dr (after the Botanical Gardens). Padre is about one-half mile up South Park.
      • Find your way to Spruce and Grizzly (at the reservoir). Take Wildcat Canyon Rd into Tilden, past the Brazil Building and the Botanical Gardens, then turn right onto South Park drive. Padre is about one-half mile up South Park.

Hey, it’s our second time. That makes the event truly “annual.” At our final meeting before this 2010 picnis, the committee decided to hold this event annually on the third Saturday of August each year (if Saturday is not available, we’ll move it to that Sunday).

Are you on Facebook? You can find our event listing on Facebook and see who’s RSVP’d there.

View BHS ’74-’79 Picnic in a larger map, or get detailed driving directions.
2009 Picnic

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