Berkeley High School Class of 1961 50th reunion organizing

Members of the class of 1961 are beginning to organize the 50th year reunion. Tentative plan is for October, 2011. Check back here for updates. For more information (or to make sure your name is on the list) please contact Holly Mines at or at 209-293-4953.

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  1. We now have a date and a venue for the 50th Reunion of the Class of 1961. Our “big event” will be held on Saturday, October 1, 2011 at the Doubletree Hotel at the Berkeley Marina. We’ll also be having an informal event on Friday night, a tour of BHS on Sat. morning, Oct. 1 and a picnic in Tilden Park on Sunday, Oct. 2. Watch for more updates and the announcement of our website. Also, please get in touch with Holly Jurs ( or 209-293-4953) with information you have on our classmates, deceased or living. We are especially interested in email addresses which makes getting in touch much easier! Thanks, Holly

  2. Hi Georgie,

    I think I sent you a message on Facebook earlier today but I use it so infrequently, I don’t know if I did it correctly. Thanks so much for the info. you gave me. I’ll pass it on to Kit Ratcliff ho is our database manager. Finding people is a slow and tedious process. We need all the help we can get. Would you like to see a pdf of our database to go over to see if you have any corrections or think you might be able to find some of the missing classmates? You’re welcome to join our comm. if you like but it’s a long way to come! Hope to hear from you. I trust your granddaughters who were sick for our last reunion are well now (almost 10 years later!

    Best regards, Holly

  3. For those checking this website, we now have a website that is still under construction but you can go there to see it’s beginnings, then bookmark it and return frequently. The address is: We need help locating lost students and updating our list of deceased classmates. You can send an email from the website if you have any information. Thanks. Holly

  4. Thought I should put something on this site since the graduation class of Jan 1961 is also involved with this Reunion. So if there is anyone from our class out there that can help with missting classmates, please let me know at

  5. I am looking forward to attending the 50th, and reconnecting with BHS alumni. I recently retired from a 40 year teaching career as a choir director in high schools and college. My wife and I live in Pocatello, Idaho, after living in Kennewick, WA for 37 years. We have six children and 16 grandchildren. See you in October. (sounds like it could be a song!) Please put us on the list. (Those are zeros in the email, not the letter between ‘n’ and ‘p’.)

    1. Hi Steve. Everyone thought you were missing in action. Couldn’t seem to find you in spite of numerous attempts. Great to see that you will be at the reunion.

      My wife, Maureen and I will plan to see you there.
      We lived all over the United States during my Air Force career and finally retired in Seattle, Washington where I worked for Boeing for 12 years. We stayed two more years and then moved to our current location in Fallbrook, Calif. We have been here for 9 years. We have one son (married) and two grandsons who live in Laguna Niguel. My e-mail is
      Looking forward to seeing you again,

  6. For all members of the January, 1962 BHS graduating class:

    This is the first official reunion of our class! You are all invited to attend. We are celebrating along with the January & June graduates of 1961.

    To those of you who have not yet signed up, please sign up by emailing directly to: The actual registration will come later. We need your email addresses for future group mailings. Greg Small, June ’61, the class techie, will add your name of Who’s Coming to the growing list of graduates. Your actual registration form will be sent via email sometime before August, 2011.

    Take a look at the list of graduates from our class who already said they were coming. They are listed on our official Reunion Web site:
    If there is a name missing, please call them and invite them to attend and refer them to the Reunion Web site.

    Some of you recently received a postcard in the mail regarding the October 1, 2011 reunion. The reunion actually begins on the evening of Friday, September 30. It will be a no-host event for Jan ’62 graduates. During the day of Saturday, October 1, there is a tour of BHS. You will be impressed with the new changes to the school. The main event is Saturday evening, October 1, 2011 at the Doubletree Hotel, Berkeley Marina, Berkeley, California. It is a combined event with all 3 graduating classes.

    Here’s the list of all of the scheduled events:

    Please try to attend. If you are interested in helping with our class reunion, please let me know by emailing We need your help especially if you live in the Bay Area.

    Best wishes,
    Shireen Mayeri Burns
    Class of Jan ’62 Reunion Committee

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