Class of 1976 35th Class Reunion

Hey! Classmates of 1976 We have had such a great time @ our 10th year, 20th year, and our 30th year Class Reunion in the pass that Next year will be our 35th Class Reunion myself and my Committee Staff : Sandra, Sherry, Gwen,Lucy, Daphane are in the planning stages to plan this Great Event and if you like to join us please do on August 12th, 2010 @  the ‘Z” Bar and Bar 2735 Broadway in Oakland @ 5p.m. we will meeting with the Event planner and the Owner this is just one of the places that we may have our 35th Class Reunion Event if you are interested pls e-mail me at: Michon.D.Johnson and also hope 2 see you at the Picnic at the end of Month.


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  1. Hey yep its been a long time since high school. I would like to make sure you have my email address and ph # so that I can keep up with whats going on with reunions and all. Also do you know who to contact for a 1976 year book replacment? Home ph#801 576 1265. Yep I live in Mormon town and nope I am not mormon. God bless. Michele

  2. Well hello this year the attendants was somewhat low for the 3rd ANNUAL 70′ Picnic but I had a good time! Ronnie and Joy Powell flew out to join us I thank them for attending I believe everyone will be at THE BHS ALL CLASS COOK-OUT next week held at San Pablo Park in Berkeley I also want to thank Carol for bring the Pj, T-Shirts, Caps and etc. that was a GREAT. well see you “Yellowjackets” next year at the 4th ANNUAL 70′ Gig!

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