BAA has discontinued its memberships at this time.

We will have a complete update on memberships in early 2009.


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I’m confused. Is this a working site or not? Can I post things here of interest or not?

Good Afternoon my Classmates of 1976 “Man” how can describe the GREAT!!! time I had at the BIGGEST EVENT of 2011 IF U missed it;it was a TREAT and Ms. Bennett was there 2 WOW!!!!! their were folks that I had not seen since we walked across the stage to recevie our diploma on June 11, 1976 at the Creek Theatre so Listen up be ready 4 the 2nd ANNUAL in 2013 I hope everyone that attended had a BLAST like I did. and I hope you brought a t-Shirt also to remember the Event. Once again Class of 76 Thank you 4 your support and and have a bless remaining of 2011.