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How to add a new post

If you are a representative of a class, you can get a free account so you can post information about your class reunions and other events. See instructions at the bottom of the page for how to get an account.

The video below gives a quick lesson on how to add a “post” to the site. A post shows up both on the home page, and as its own page (the individual page is best for sharing on Facebook and other “social networking” sites).

New photo album for reunions on Picassa

We’re creating an album on where classes can post photos. More details soon, but here’s a preview from the Class of 1978:

You can find the album here:

How do people find this web site?

Below is a list of the top twenty search terms people used to find this web site (results from the month of June 2009):

Search term # of hits Percent
berkeley high reunion 1959 17 6.6 %
berkeley high school class of 1981 12 4.6 %
berkeley high school class of 1979 9 3.5 %
berkeley high alumni 9 3.5 %
berkeley high reunion class of 1979 7 2.7 %
berkeley high school reunion class of 79 5 1.9 %
www.rounkle/1959bhs 4 1.5 %
berkeley high facebook class 1987 4 1.5 %
berkeley high school alumni 4 1.5 %
berkeley high reunion 4 1.5 %
berkeley high school class of 1959 4 1.5 %
berkley high school class of 1987 3 1.1 %
rounkle 1959 bhs 3 1.1 %
berkeley high class reunion of 1989 3 1.1 %
berkeley alumni 1991 3 1.1 %
berkeley high school reunion 1979 3 1.1 %
berkeley high school class of 79 3 1.1 %
berkeley hs 1959 reunion 2 0.7 %
berkeley high yearbook 1992 2 0.7 %
berkley high school class of 1989 reunion 2 0.7 %

Just a bit of trivia you may find interesting.

Search engines people used

Search term # of hits Percent
Google 230 81.8 %
Yahoo! 28 9.9 %
Google (Images) 11 3.9 %
AOL 6 2.1 %
Windows Live 4 1.4 %

OK, I’ll stop. But just two more:

Computers people are using:

Icon Computer type # of hits Percent
Windows 16,883 79.6 %
Macintosh 3,368 15.8 %
Unknown 738 3.4 %
Linux 205 0.9 %

Web Browsers used

Icon Browser # of hits Percent
MS Internet Explorer 12,342 58.2 %
Firefox 4,552 21.4 %
Safari 2,901 13.6 %
Mozilla 619 2.9 %
Opera 432 2 %
Netscape 187 0.8 %
Unknown 155 0.7 %

If you’re wondering where all this information comes from, there’s a whole “invisible” side of web browsing. When you click on a link, your web browser not only asks the hosting computer for the web page, but also tells it what computer and web browser you are using; this information is often used to adjust the content of the web page to make it display best on your machine. Also, when you click on a link from a search engine, that search engine tells the web site computer which term you used to find them.

We need more Yellojacket images from history

I’d like to add Yellowjacket images to the top banner. If you have old yearbooks or other publications with BHS Yellowjackets on them, please scan them and email a copy to me (let me know the year of the publication as well). I’ll start posting them soon.

Lee Trampleasure, Class of 1978

“Social networking” bulletin board now set up

We now have a social networking bulletin board set up to help folks find each other.

Anyone can browse/view the bulletin board posts, but in order to post you will need to register (free, but you need an email address).

Have a current photo of you to post to the Gallery?

If you have a photo of yourself you would like to have posted to your classes corner of the photo gallery, email it to me (lee AT trampleasure DOT net), including your name, class, and caption for the photo (including date).

Please send me photos you won’t mind having up there for a few years. If your class gets more active in the gallery, the coordinator(s) of your class can remove/update photos, but until then I’d really rather not get swamped with requests to change photos.

Lee Trampleasure Amosslee, Class of 1978