Class of ’77 Picnic a success

This post is mostly here to get the blog started, but the Class of 1977 did have a great picnic today in Tilden Park. There should be some photos shortly in the Gallery.

I wasn’t there (I’m actually in the Class of ’78), but I heard the dinner Saturday night was a great success with over 150 people.

Class of ’77 web site:

Class of June ’52 and Fall ’52: October 6/7, 2007

Save the dates of Oct. 6 and Oct. 7, 2007 for our 55th Class Reunion.

Dinner on Sat., Oct. 6, will be at the DoubleTree Restaurant in the Berkeley Marina, preceded by an afternoon tour of Berkeley High School. It’s changed a lot since we were there!

On Sun., Oct. 7, we’ll have lunch at the East Ocean Restaurant in Emeryville.

Class contacts: Jane Barrett: (510) 845-8055; Donna Mendonca Bernadou: (510) 523-5054; David Powell: (707) 824-1405
The class website is at: