Memory Books

Many classes will print a Memory Book containing biographical and contact information for class members. Here’s a few tips about Memory Books:


Many class members will not want their biographical or contact information published on the web. Be sure to be clear with your classmates how the information they submit will be published. We recommend a printed copy only, to maximize the number of people who will submit. This does add to the cost, but class members tend to really appreciate it.

Printing costs

The class of 1978 was able to print a 5.5×8.5″ 168 page book with a color cover and “Perfect Binding” for about $6 each with tax. Perfect binding wraps the cover all around the book, giving an authentic “paper back” appearance to the book.

Distribution before or after the reunion?

Most Memory Books are distributed at the reunion.

The Class of 1978 found themselves with few submissions before the reunion, so we delayed production until after the reunion. While we incurred an additional cost of mailing (~$3 each first class), we found that we were able to get more people to submit contact info at the reunion and afterwards, given the excitement that developed around the actual event.

Soliciting information from class members

Request information as often as you can: with your invitation, on your web site, on your email list…

You can set up an online form that will save you from typing in the information (e.g. see Depending on how tech savvy your reunion committee members are, you can have this information just emailed to you or placed directly into a database. If you’d like an web page similar to the Class of 1978 one linked above, contact Lee Trampleasure (lee AT trampleasure DOT net).

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