Music & DJs


Most reunions hire a DJ who is familiar with the music of your high school era. Ask your potential DJ for a sample music list to ensure that s/he can play the music you want. While you may have members of you class who offer their DJ services for your reunion, this has the potential to create several problems: the classmate may be less likely to take directions from the Reunion Committee, s/he may find that s/he misses socializing with other classmates due to working, etc. Your best bet is probably to hire someone who can give references (check them!) and can give you a good song list.

Be sure to clarify with your venue that it is OK to bring in an outside DJ (most it is), and, if the DJ hasn’t worked that venue before, make sure that the DJ knows what electricity is available, and where you expect her/him to set up. Have the venue manager involved in this discussion, or you may find that on the night of the event you are told “You can’t set up the DJ in that location.”

We hope to generate a list of DJs who have worked for BHS reunions and post them here.

BHS Jazz Band

Some classes hire members of the BHS Jazz band for background music during arrival and/or dinner time. You can contact the Jazz Band by email at

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