Questions for venues

Here is a starting draft for questions to ask a venue:

  • Catering:
    • In house or can we bring in our own?
    • What is there experience with vegetarian/vegan dishes (your best bet is vegan, because vegetarians can eat vegan, but not the other way around). Is there a minimum number of vegetarian/vegan guests you will need to get these options (be sure to publicize these options to your classmates, you may be surprised how many will want this option).
  • Parking
    • Is there a charge for parking?
    • Does parking have security? If so, are they insured against theft/damage to guests’ cars (probably most will not be). Can they provide statistics on damage/theft to cars?
  • Dance floor/DJ logistics
    • In house, or can we bring in our own.
    • If in house, be sure to get references and lists of events they have produced.
    • What type of electricity is there for the DJ’s sound system? This can be very important, especially if you are planning on hosting your event in an older facility. You may want to ask your DJ what type of electrical s/he requires.
  • Decorations
    • What are the rules around decorations? Can you post things on walls, etc.
  • Size
    • How many people can they accommodate? Is there a deadline on changes to the number of guests (this is especially important for the caterer).
    • Think about your table seating: Try not to cram too many people in a small space, or it can be very hard for people to “mingle” and visit their many friends.
    • Dance floor: How big, and how close is it to the dining area. Some people will want to spend time talking, and if the music is blaring into the dining area as well as the dance floor, it may be hard for them to do to. Some venues are ideally designed to have easy access between a dining and dance floor, so they seem almost the same but the music is not so loud in the dining area.

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